This Seal pensioner was left outraged when the bin men missed out…

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A Seal village pensioner has been left outraged after refuse collectors missed out his street last Friday (January 13) because of what he described as “two inches of snow”.

Michael Hollis, of Bentleys Meadow, said he found it “so irritating” how the huge bin lorries used by Sevenoaks District Council for refuse collection could not make the journey to his street.

Mr Hollis said: “I am 70 years old and I remember as a lad there would be a foot of snow and men would still carry hundredweight sacks of coal through it.

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“When you ring the council you can’t get through to find out if there was going to be another collection, absolutely nothing.

“All this advancement in technology and we get less service. Driving a lorry on two inches of snow is not difficult.”

Sevenoaks District Council has hit back however and said that while it was unfortunate that a small number of properties missed their collection, the vast majority of households received the service.

Sevenoaks District Council still managed to collect refuse from the vast majority of houses

‘We have to consider the risk injury to our residents’

A spokesman for the council said: “On Friday, despite lying snow and icy conditions and further snow fall in some areas, our refuse collectors went about their rounds as usual.

“Collections were made from some 9,000 homes so the vast majority of households received their usual service. Unfortunately, a small number of properties missed their weekly collection as some isolated narrow roads and roads on inclines remained frozen and were inaccessible to our collection vehicles.

“This included some properties in Bentley’s Meadow.

“Our refuse freighters weigh up to 26 tonnes and we have to consider the risk of injury to our residents, other road users and our staff as well as the potential for damage to property when travel conditions are hazardous.”

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