People are pleading for double yellow lines in Sevenoaks Weald…

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Residents in Sevenoaks Weald are to petition for double yellow lines on a road which has seen two “severe” accidents within a few days.

A crash in Morleys Road on January 28 left three people in hospital – one with a chest injury – and villagers say there was another just a week later on February 4.

Jeff King, who lives at Morleys Farm, said: “People are using the road to park when their kids go to play at the football ground at a weekend.

“But it’s a blind corner, and now we’ve had the second accident in two weeks.

“What’s it going to take for the council to do something about it? Someone will get killed before long.

“It’s dangerous and I think someone will lose their life.”

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The first crash in Morleys Road on January 28

He added he also has concerns there is no footpath so when children finish their football matches they have to walk in the road to get back into their parents’ cars.

“It just seems crazy as there have been two severe accidents,” Mr King said, “So we’re going to start petitioning for double yellow lines to be put there.”

A Kent County Council spokesman said: “Whilst we sympathise with residents, we have to make tough decisions on where to improve traffic and road safety in local areas.

“We look at the sites most in need of improvement first, which have got the support of the whole community.

“We’re happy to consider all requests as long as residents go through the steps outlined on”

Sevenoaks District Council said the installation of new yellow lines is the responsibility of the county council.

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