This Sevenoaks restaurant has bounced back after a dreadful food…

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The manager of a popular Sevenoaks Indian restaurant has called on food hygiene inspectors to give restaurants more time to rectify problems before publishing a rating.

Spice Club restaurant manager Mahebub Salam said the awarding of a zero hygiene rating by health inspectors had affected business.

The premises has now been re-inspected a given a three star rating, with Mr Salam adamant the problems were focused around some records which were not kept up to date and a small insect.

He said: “Our chef did not keep the records up to date and in addition to that behind the fridge the inspectors found an insect inside the motor of the fridge. When they moved the fridge it ran out.”

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Mr Salam added the restaurant regularly has pest control visits to ensure there aren’t any problems and have now disposed of the fridge.

However the restaurant manager was shocked the original zero rating was published in the first place.

“I cannot believe that they published that. I’m surprised they did that, it is shocking,” said Mr Salam.

“They do need to give enough time to deal with things.

“These are old buildings there are cracks and holes everywhere, how much can you do?”

“We have pest control in place and they come and check everywhere.”

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Mr Salam also thinks health inspectors could be more understanding of the issues businesses face.

He said: “We are trying to run a business and they should be more considerate when publishing something that is damaging for business.”

“They should give you the opportunity to rectify the problems.”

What do the food hygiene ratings mean?

Eateries are given overall scores out of five, ranging from zero, meaning urgent improvement necessary, to five, translated as ‘very good’.

Zero – Urgent improvement necessary

One star – Major improvement necessary

Two stars – improvement necessary

Three stars – generally satisfactory

Four stars – good

Five stars – very good

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