Someone is trying to sell a tiny piece of the Banksy Dover mural…

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We’ve all heard of people trying to sell ridiculous things on eBay for ridiculous prices – but this latest item has hit a new high for Kent.

In the last few days a listing for a tiny piece of paint from the Banksy mural in Dover has appeared on the bidding website.

It is about 13 cm by 10 cm, shows basically nothing and it could be yours for just £1,200.

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The seller said they found the broken piece of the mural, thought to be from the ladder section of the painting, on the floor.

A description of the product – posted by the user, who is thought to be from Deal – says: “Broken bit of Banksy found on the floor from a painting he done [sic] in Dover Kent.

“The bit is part of the ladder. Cash or bank transfer I will personally deliver this anywhere in UK mainland, paint is about 13cm×10cm ish.”

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Strangely enough no one has yet bid on the piece, despite the seller’s generous promise to hand deliver it to the buyer.

It does however have 26 people watching the item, so if you’re interested you probably should jump in before it gets snapped up.

Bidding ends on June 12, at 10.15pm.

The entire mural is reportedly valued at £1 million.

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Social media was alight with speculation at the beginning of the month after passers-by spotted a massive European Union flag daubed on the side of the former Castle Amusements building on the corner of Townwall Street near the A20.

The massive piece of art, which takes up most of the wall of the building, shows a workman up a ladder chiselling away at one of the stars on the European Union flag.

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Banksy later posted images of the mural on Instagram, and representatives confirmed the work was his.

The Brexit artwork was then vandalised with ‘anarchist’ graffiti just a day after it appeared.

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