Bizarre footage shows police ‘chasing’ horse and cart through…

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Video footage has emerged online of Kent Police seemingly chasing a horse and cart through the streets of Canterbury.

The footage, shared by the Kent_999s Twitter feed, shows the horse, with two young men riding the cart, trotting down Broad Street and Military Road.

One marked police car closely follows the cart as it continues through the streets without stopping, despite an umarked police car also driving in front with its blue lights on.

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It is understood the incident took place at around 7pm on Saturday, August 12.

The two men at the reins seem relatively unperturbed during the incident

The reason for the police following the cart is not yet known, but Facebook users have speculated as to what caused the situation.

One member of a local Facebook group commented: “My cousin was telling me about this and said that he was going round the roundabout and the guy on the horse cut up an unmarked police car.

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“Then they started trying to signal him over but the guy kept going.”

Others suggested the two men had done nothing wrong, suggesting that the horse should have right of way over other motorists and vehicles.

It is not yet known how the apparent chase ended.

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Kent Live has contacted Kent Police for comment.