A man had to tackle this MASSIVE venomous spider in a Canterbury…

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A man from Canterbury turned to the internet for help when his mum asked him to deal with a rather large False-Widow spider lurking in her home.

Nate Nicholas Topley posted publicly in the Canterbury Residents Group on Facebook to ask for advice in dealing with the venomous arachnid, which had made itself comfortable on a blind rail.

Sarah Dixon, Mr Topley’s mum, lives in Old Wives Lees and suffers from arachnophobia. She called on her son to tackle the spider, which can leave a nasty bite.

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Mr Topley posted on Facebook: “How do you deal with false widows? Someone said if it’s female it could have eggs in the back and if you squish it the babies could escape?

“Also. They bite and stuff so if I miss it when I try to squish it.”

In the end the creepy-crawly was brought down by shaking the blinds, causing it to drop into a small plastic container.

Mr Topley added: “When I took a closer look I had to take a picture just to be sure if it was or wasn’t a false widow. Hearing all the horror stories about them I decided to take it to Facebook.

“Eventually I just ended up shaking the blind rail until it dropped out into a small plastic container and hastily put the lid on it. I ended up leaving the lid open slightly and threw it into the farmers field behind my mum’s place.”

Cases like this are more frequent at this time of year and a number of Kent residents have been reporting giant spiders invading their homes recently. The creatures become active towards the end of summer as they look for suitable places to lay their eggs.

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False-Widow facts

The Noble False-Widow, often referred to as simply ‘false-widow’, spider has been present in the United Kingdom since the late 19th century, according to spider experts.

They are so-named as they are often mistaken for the more deadly Black-Widow spider which is capable of killing humans.

Although the False-Widow can inflict a painful bite it is not deadly and is said to feel more like a bee or wasp sting.